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2 LB. & 10 LB. Brake Residual Valve


2 LB. & 10 LB. Brake Residual Valve



Introducing our 2 lb. and 10 lb. Brake Residual Valve, designed to enhance the performance and reliability of your brake system. These valves are essential components for vehicles equipped with disc brakes or drum brakes that require additional brake line pressure to maintain proper brake pedal feel and prevent brake fade.

The 2 lb. and 10 lb. Brake Residual Valves work by maintaining a small amount of pressure in the brake lines, even when the brake pedal is released. This residual pressure keeps the brake pads or shoes in constant contact with the rotors or drums, eliminating excessive pedal travel and ensuring immediate brake response.

The 2 lb. valve is ideal for disc brake systems, where a small amount of pressure is needed to keep the calipers engaged and prevent any air or fluid from being pulled back into the master cylinder. This valve is often used in the rear brake lines.

The 10 lb. valve, on the other hand, is suitable for drum brake systems, which require a higher residual pressure to keep the wheel cylinders expanded and prevent the brake shoes from retracting too far. This valve is typically installed in the front brake lines.

Both valves are constructed from high-quality materials to withstand the demands of the braking system and ensure long-lasting performance. They feature precision-engineered internals for reliable operation and are designed to be easily installed in the brake lines using standard fittings.

By incorporating our 2 lb. and 10 lb. Brake Residual Valves into your brake system, you can experience improved pedal feel, reduced brake fade, and enhanced overall braking performance. Whether you're building a custom vehicle, upgrading your brakes, or experiencing issues with brake pedal travel, our residual valves are a reliable solution.

Ensure the optimal performance and safety of your brake system with our 2 lb. and 10 lb. Brake Residual Valves. Trust in their quality, durability, and ability to provide consistent residual pressure for your braking needs.

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